What People are Saying...

From the students:

  • “I like GLA because there are no bullies here.” (5th grade)
  • “I really like all the people here. It feels like we are all family.” (11th grade)
  • “Have you noticed I’m not depressed anymore?” (10th grade)
  • “Now I’m not so worried, because I know there are other people like me.” (7th grade)

From the parents:

“My son is doing great and enjoying his classes [in college]. I have been very proud of him for taking responsibilty for his work. He’s also been going back up to campus for a variety of activities. He seems to be adjusting well! I know that GLA did a lot to foster his confidence and make his success possible. I thank you and your wonderful teachers and staff for that.”
– Parent of a recent GLA graduate

“Excellent all the way around. Caring and supportive administration, teachers who go above and beyond understanding your child in conjunction with strong academics. This is truly a “community school.” If you have a child with a learning difference RUN to this school. It is truly awesome.”
– Submitted by a parent on www.greatschools.org

“All GLA Teachers and Staff: Thank you for all of you that have contributed to (my son’s) success this year. I was nervous about his transition from Montessori School to a more traditional setting but (my son) adjusted far better than I could’ve hoped for. He is working hard and is happy to go to school. You all have given me a priceless gift. I finally know that my child is as capable as I knew in my heart he was. I finally know that my child is going to be ok. There are not words to adequately express how grateful I am.”
– Parent of a GLA 6th Grader

“We have completed another year of school and I wanted you to know that I have been very happy with the progress that my daughter has made this year. Each year that we have attended GLA has shown dramatic improvements in her ability in social skills, academics and overall behavior.”
– Parent – Plano, Texas

“My son LOVES GLA. He has benefited so much from the school. He told me one day, “Mom I have good news and I have bad news. The bad news is I have to take a shower, the good news is I go to school tomorrow!” Way to go GLA! Thanks for all you do!”
– TeresaGLA

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“Great Lakes Academy has changed my sons entire outlook on school. He loves going to school. He’s successful, which in returns helps his confidence and his future. The only thing I wished, that we had moved him at a younger age! After attending K-6 in public school our sons self esteem was very low. Now 4th year at Great Lakes Academy it’s amazing and so are the teachers! “
– Submitted by a parent on www.greatschools.org

“My Grandson was so frustrated and sad at his previous years in public school. The decision to place him at GLA was the best thing we ever did! He has flourished here and loves his new school. Kudos to a staff that recognizes the potential of our children.”
– Ginger

“Every school in America has resources such as books, computers and buildings to establish a learning environment. It is the human capital (time, patience and compassion) that makes GLA so special to the many kids that need it in their life.”
– JJ

“My son has attended Great Lakes Academy since 4th grade and is currently in High School. I couldn’t have selected a better environment for him to learn and grow. He’s become a great student and his social skills have developed incredibly. The teachers and administration always go the extra mile to ensure he understands the material and provide him with the tools he will need for college. I love this school and recommend it highly for kids with learning differences and anxiety!”
– Submitted by a parent on www.greatschools.org

“There is something different about Great Lakes Academy, and it no doubt has everything to do with your hearts for these kids and your dedication to giving them your absolute best each and every day. The same can be said for each teacher there, the love and compassion they have had for (our son) and the other students is what sets you apart. (Our son) has always felt like he was at home there, and you truly understood his struggles and celebrated with him in his achievements.”
-Parent of a recent GLA graduate