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Great Lakes Academy is an excellent school choice for students with average to above-average intelligence, who have a learning difference or diagnosis which can make learning in the traditional large classroom challenging.  GLA is also a great choice for students who need social/emotional guidance, coaching, and support when navigating the difficult terrain of growing up becomes too much in their traditional social environments.

Great Lakes Academy takes pride in our recognition of the whole child. We take pride in providing a positive and nurturing place for each child to learn and grow in all areas of their social, emotional, and academic domains. Students who may have once struggled getting up and getting ready for school, begin to enjoy coming to school, because it is a place where they gather with friends, learn new things, and feel proud of themselves. Our parents appreciate the practical knowledge and social skills that their children gain. Our teachers enjoy the opportunity to individualize their approach for each student, a luxury afforded them by maintaining small class sizes.

At Great Lakes Academy, your child will learn academic content and social skills side by side with individualized expectations in a warm community environment. They will engage in academic content with teachers providing a multi-sensory hands-on approach to learning and real-world experiences. They will find empathy and tolerance in both teachers and peers and learn to express empathy and tolerance toward others.

We look forward to meeting and welcoming your child!

Great Lakes Academy student after school waiting for their parent.

Children who have struggled in traditional environments thrive at GLA. They find acceptance, self-confidence, and new learning in equal measure. We afford each student the opportunity to develop an appreciation of their own uniqueness, as well as a sense of accountability and responsibility for their academic experience.

“I finally feel like I have a place where they understand me, where they get who I am.  I feel like I can learn here.  I know I can ask for help and get it, and I won’t feel stupid for asking.  I have friends and I have never really had them before.  I was never really good at that part.  I know if everything falls apart, a teacher or (the principal) will help me work it out.”  – GLA 6th Grade Student

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