1) Annual registration fee of $800.00 (non refundable)

2) Tuition fees are as follows:

$18,900.00 – 4th through 8th grade
$21,000.00 – 9th through 12th grade

3) FIRST TIME STUDENT ENROLLMENT. Upon initial enrollment (4th through 9th grade), a one-time fee of $400.00 will be required for the administration of the Brigance Test. This test will be conducted by a faculty member of GLA, at a time that is convenient to all parties. Results of this testing will be used to identify which basic skills your student has and/or has not mastered to date. This data is then utilized to create and implement your student’s individualized “Gap Plan”, and individualized academic plan.

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Great Lakes Academy Tuition Refund Policy

Refund Policy: Great Lakes Academy has financial and contractual arrangements with faculty, staff, vendors, etc., which are made before the beginning of each school year. These obligations and commitments require GLA to mandate that all enrolling families commit financially for the entire school year. In order for GLA to meet its annual contractual obligations to faculty, staff, and others, we maintain a strict No Refund Policy. If for any reason an enrolled student fails to attend or to continue in attendance at GLA for the contracted school year, 100% of the tuition is still due and must be paid in full.

Payment Methods:

  • Credit Cards: Mastercard, Visa, Discover
  • Personal Check: Yes
  • Online: Yes
  • Cash Discounts: No
  • Annually: Yes
  • Per Semester: No
  • Monthly: No

Tax benefits for parents of kids with LD: Click Here to Learn More

Financing: Available: