Athletics and Cheer

The core concept of Great Lakes Academy’s athletic program is inclusion. Our goal is to provide athletic opportunity for all students, regardless of prior experience or involvement in organized sports. The goal of the Gator Athletic Department is to provide a wide range of opportunities while simultaneously forming layered and dynamic school experiences.  We believe the fundamental benefit of team sports should be the feeling of being part of something bigger than yourself, being part of a team that works together to solve problems and learning to persevere and build toward long term goals even when the payoff may not be visible at first.

Great Lakes Academy is a founding member of the North Texas Small Private School League. In association with the NTSPSL, our students participate in High School Basketball, Volleyball, and Kickball in league play format.

While not a part of the league activities, GLA Gator Cheer is also a vital part of the Gator Athletic Department, and just like the team sports, Gator Cheer is an activity that operates on the idea of inclusion.  If a student has the willingness to learn, work hard, attend regular practices and games, and participate at a high level of output, no student will be refused participation. 

Participation in the GLA Gator Athletics Program encourages and develops leadership skills, teamwork, physical fitness, and responsibility. In addition to receiving the individual benefits of team sports, GLA athletes act as school representatives in the student athletic community.