School Activities

At Great Lakes Academy, we understand that what happens outside the classroom is as important, and sometimes more important, as what happens inside the classroom. Field trips and extracurricular activities are a vital element in engaging students’ intellect, social connection, and physic activity, resulting in powerful and memorable learning experiences.

Monthly field trips to places like nature preserves, science centers, museums, and live musical and theatrical performances are some of the ways that GLA exposes students to culture, politics, important real-world knowledge, and experiences outside of classroom instruction.

In middle and high school, Great Lakes Academy begins introducing over-night trips that focus on leadership skills, teamwork, challenges, and confidence building.  Annual trips to the SkyRanch outdoor school and Camp Champion’s Outdoor School have been wonderful opportunities for our students to learn more about their peers and their teachers; most most importantly, themselves.  

Great Lakes Academy uses these school activities to motivate students to want to learn about the world around them as well as practice newfound social skills, and build grit, integrity, and fortitude.