Learning Environment

At Great Lakes Academy, we understand the importance of a creating a nurturing place where all students can be themselves, both in and out of the classroom. By modeling positive behaviors and interacting with students with enthusiasm and genuine concern, we create a warm and safe environment that allows students to focus on learning. We also attend to the needs of the whole child by providing time for physical activity and balancing structured and unstructured time to allow opportunities for social interactions. In doing so, we are also able to increase self-confidence and help students develop social skills.

A Sense of Community
Our teachers work hard to create a sense of classroom community from the very first day of school. A caring classroom community is founded on the principles of friendship, caring, respect and trust. Here at GLA, these elements are essential in order to make a school feel like a second home. Our students are cared for and supported not only by their teachers, but also by their fellow students. Everyone at GLA feels like they ‘belong’!

Academic Expectations
At GLA, we recognize the potential in every student, and we strive to balance rigor and high expectations with accommodations that meet the needs of each student. We individualize learning pathways to ensure every student’s success.

We also work in a partnership with our students to cultivate the real-world skills that are necessary for success. As they learn content, students also build organizational, academic, communication, and collaboration skills, as well as flexibility.