Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities on campus create opportunities to get students out of their desks and away from their books – and give them a direct, vivid, sensory experience with the world around them. GLA students participate in a wide range of clubs and teams in which they play sports such as basketball, volleyball, and kickball, produce plays, productions, and videos, learn to play instruments, and even pursue different types of games they love with friends. These weekly gatherings help build confidence and provide opportunities for fun social interactions.

After School Clubs that are commonly part of GLA’s after school programs:

A/V Club, Cooperative Video Game Club, Drama Club, Football Club, Running Club, Strategy Game Club, Arts and Crafts Club, Lego Builder Club, Photography Club, Music Appreciation Club, Music Production Club, and many more.

Here at GLA, we want to involve our teachers and students in the creation of our clubs.  If there is a specific skill, interest area, or activity that a student or group of students may enjoy, and there is a teacher who can facilitate a club that can introduce that activity to others, we try to incorporate those new clubs as often as possible.  It is for this reason that our club offerings are always changing.  [Club offerings are subject to change and may not be exactly as listed.]

In addition to after school clubs, GLA offers Student Senate to our 8th through 12th Grade students.  Student Senate is Great Lakes Academy’s student government that meets once a week and at other designated times to plan special events, oversee some community service opportunities, create outreach and marketing for school improvement efforts, and to act as social networking mechanism among new students.  Students Senate representatives are mentored by two senior staff members in student government procedures, student affairs, social skills, advertising and marketing, and community service.  Student Senate is a wonderful way for our students to feel connected, involved, and part of an effective team.